Vicente App

A valuable mobile app for users, partners and the company. is a digital transformation company that seeks to include physical spaces into digital ecosystems. Present in Cuenca, Madrid and Hong Kong, it has deployed a smart digital signage, a free wifi network, and several other services, mainly focused on restauration, hospitality, retail and advertising.


In parallel to SmartData project, we found a need to improve the way we qualified audiences. The system in use detected wifi enable devices, but only those who signed up to connect to the free wifi could be profiled by age and gender.

Together with our desire to create a more valuable model for food and beverage venues with our solutions, that would drive more people to them and open new way to generate incomes, we launched the Vicente App project.


Working with the development and marketing teams:

  • We researched use patterns for leisure and lifestyle apps in order to create an unique value proposition, using existing data sources and processes created for SmartData project.
  • Designed and validated a mobile interface for Apple and Android devices, as well as necessary backend for correct operation and scaling.
  • Participated in a deep rethinking of user management, authentication and authorization across the company seeking to improve security and data quality.
  • I coordinated with marketing the style and tone of copy and resources, as well as market positioning, performing all necessary changes in the project.
  • We integrated several tools in the AdCentral project allowing management of sponsorships and advetising campaigns on available in-app inventory, available to our team as well as all partner agencies with access to said platform.
  • We adapted the tools for multilingual use and I coordinated translations to english and chinese for international deployment.
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