Cigna Corporate Portal

A new accessible and user-oriented portal.


Following a global rebranding, with the launching of a new logo and corporate identity, the Spanish division of the company needed to adapt its web portal to the new guidelines, including old browser compatibility, W3C validation and full compliance with strict security and privacy internal policies.

At the same time, we needed a new site structure that would allow for better SEO positioning and user browsing flows, both for clients managing their coverage, as well as non clients looking for information about products and services.


As part of the marketing and digital projects team, we adapted and implemented a new visual design based on global branding, in accordance to how Cigna positioned itself in the Spanish market. From that design, we elaborated a collection of icons, templates and other resources for both interal and external user by all departments in the company.

We reviewed information achitecture at sitemap level and for each page, to ensure that content was easily understood and proper semantic markup was used when coding to improve SEO positioning.

We designed an optimized user flor both for client access and to the full catalogue of products and services offered by Cigna.

We revamped Drupal management interface, Cigna's CMS of choice, in order to make easy to all departments to be responsible for their sections and keep their content always up to date.


Code validated
by W3CCSS and HTML
Compliance with security and privacy policy
Leire Castillo Zamorano  en LinkedInLeire Castillo Zamorano Digital Projects & Creativity Senior Manager in Cigna Healthcare
Esteban is a professional with a lot of initiative: always with plenty of ideas to contribute to the projects. He is resolutive and quick when executing. He is passionate about his work and technology in general.
Raquel Lloro  en LinkedInRaquel Lloro Marketing Manager in Cigna Healthcare
I have been lucky to work directly with Esteban. He is a responsible, versatil and very proactive professional. His involvement in every project is absolute.