Digital Signage

Consolidating and evolving an international digital signage network.


Leadering first the frontend development team, and later as product management and designer, we worked on several opportunities:

  • We needed to evolve our propietary player software to enable it to adapt to almost any screen format and proportion (LED billboards, videowalls, etc.)
  • In order to mantain a quality of service, the company needed to ensure the continuous operation of all displays in the channel, proactively detecting incidents and enabling remote interventions to lower maintenance times and costs.
  • Food & beverage sector (restarants, cafeterias, bars, etc.) needed a simple and agile content management workflow with a clear value proposition that could entice them to commit to the digital signage solution.
  • Local commerce and retail chains aim to unify physical and digital customer experience in their digital transformation efforts.
  • Cities and town government search new ways to communicate with citizens that can be integrated with existing SmartCity programs, with a positive impact on tourism.
  • A possible agreement with MediaPro/BeIN about licensing the emision of Champion League matches encouraged us to adapt the display network to support video streaming.

Work in progress.

Work in progress.


  • We Designed and implemented a real-time monitoring system with remote diagnostic and intervention capabilities.
  • We adapted the tools for multilingual usage, coordinating translations for international deployment.
  • I drove a continous user research process and product redesign through which we improved incrementally the usability of content management and emission shceduling tools.
  • I coordinated work with SixBySix in integrating our displays with mobile apps via bluetooth beacons, allowing us to detect users and emit custom recommendations on our displays based on purchase history and browsing.
  • Tested and implemented the integration of first and third party data sources on the displays for dynamic templating, both for public service (public transportation, weather, news…) and commercial purposes (images, prices…).
  • We created an end to end process for video streaming emission on our display network, including screen targeting, multiple sources and remote control.


Enterprise digital transformation projectsTelepizza, Seat, Trison and Santander
8 LED billboards cloud managedFor Posterscope and CocaCola
1,5M€ Funding received for innovations projectsPlay It Social and
Dynamic Digital Contents projects
Live event streamingConcerts, e-sports, soccer, horseriding, boxing…
Champions League™ streamingExclusiva for betting venues
6x Support request callsAfter onboarding and onsite help improvements
3x selfmanaged content
80% support interventions are proactive and remotely
Cristina García en LinkedInCristina García Senior product manager in
Sometimes your carreer presents you with the opportunity to work with professionals like Esteban, hungry to learn constantly, with a special ability to break the barrier between technology / commercial, making it one of his best competitive advantages, with a clear focus on product development and, above all, business development. He listens to the business, makes it his own and designs products, services and solutions 100% focused on its target customer. I hope we can soon work together again.
Ana Gómez Monsálvez en LinkedInAna Gómez Monsálvez Digital manager in
Esteban is an essential pillar in the team to transform the company into the digital world. His versatility and multidisciplinary is highly valued for the entire company. It is a pleasure to work with him.