A big data platform to create value from venues affluence data.


During the Digital Signage project it became clear that it was necessary to create a precise and auditable system to measure and cualify audiences, including a tool to explore data and extract real time reports.

Besides audience, we needed to identify additional sources of information that would allow us to generate greater value by comprehensively treating all data.


Working very closely with the development team and the consulting and digital transformation area:

  • I participated in defining and validating audience measuring methods though the existing wifi network, as well as the identification of trusted data sources for crossmatching and qualifying audience, including open data initiatives with our own venue surveys.
  • We improved user qualification through research and redesign of the wifi captive portal and spearheading iniciatives such as the Vicente App project.
  • We created the SmartData platform, which enabled users to explore real-time audience data via web interface that could be licensed and customized for partners and clients (such as Mahou and Mediaset). I trained clients and the sales workforce in using the platform, gathering insights for further improvements.
  • We designed and developed several dashboards both for in-house use and for third-party licensing.
  • We adapted the tools for multilingual use and I coordinated translations for international deployment.


12 Data sourcesApps, surveys, service data, Google, INE, Open Data, third-party agreements…
+70 Data fields on user profilesSociodemographics, habits, preferences, ad impact and historic location
+120 Data fields on venue profilesEconomics, brands, services, geolocation and historic activity
95% Precision in audience counting and qualification process
Audience data auditedBy Kantar Media and
Universidad de Nebrija
1M€ Funding received for innovations projectsBig Context and
What Where When projects
Programatic advertisingIntegrated width Mediamath DSP
Data provider for Mahou RentabilibarVenue traffic data
Data provider for MediasetTransmedia audience data
Juan Antonio Esteban en LinkedInJuan Antonio Esteban Innovation Consultant in Amaranto Consultores
A true expert in the field. Not only knows traditional technology, he ventures into using innovating tecnologies. It was a pleasure to share projects with him.
Francisco Abril Durán en LinkedInFrancisco Abril Durán International Business Development Director in
I worked with Esteban in various international deals, he is very good regarding product and project management and showed great skills managing different teams and cultures. He helped me out selling internationally (China, Middle East and South America) and I will be glad to work with him again. He is being a key factor to the international team management. Superb professional, better person.