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A selection of my talks, articles and reflections on design, user experience and product strategy.

What data says about you, and how to use them to design better

Data tells stories and reveals hidden needs, you just have to know where and how to look to find inspiration where you least expected it.

The Human Factors in Business Models

Business models are complex ecosystems, populated by customers, employees and partners, among others. Understanding and taking into account human factors is crucial for the success of any company.

Design Systems, Native or Custom?

Having your own design system gives you a lot of freedom, but when we work on a platform such as iOS or Android, the system itself has standardized interactions that users know and offer many advantages. Which option is the best?

Science, Technique, and Art in Product Design

What is the true extent of design as a discipline? I suggest we can encapsulate it within three fundamental elements in the product design process: science, technique, and art.

The True Impact of Designing with Data

Data allows us to understand the true extent of the problems to be solved, explain the rationale behind the proposals, and make well-informed decisions, and it requires a skill that is receiving the name of data literacy.

Recipes for Innovation

After breaking down the ingredients and factors necessary for innovation to take place, we will now look at methods, techniques and recipes to facilitate innovation.

Ingredients of Innovation

Innovation is crucial in business because products and services that don't evolve, fail to meet new needs, and don't adapt to remain relevant in the market become obsolete.

Design Systems of the Future

Design systems always accompany technological advances and new forms of use and interaction available to people. How are the systems we know evolving and what clues do we have about the future we are going to?

Five key concepts of Information Architecture

We review some of the basic principles of Information Architecture, its application in real cases and the impact it has on the user experience.

A personal project in confinement: El Cocinario

An initiative to explore the relationship between people and food, ranging from conception and design to its development and production.

Keys to Storytelling in action

With storytelling on everyone's lips, it's the perfect time to review narrative techniques, how they can be used, and what they can be combined with to achieve experiences of another level.

So what do we do with the wearables?

Faraday said that "the value of a discovery or a new technique is not measured by the immediate usefulness, but by the new possibilities that it allows to be explored."

The Evil Hex of the Innovator's Dilemma

In his book published in 1997, Clayton Christensen recognizes the risk that new competitors can pose to already established companies, and their difficulty in maintaining their position.

The vital constant of the Pareto Principle

Pareto summarized in 1909 an observation about the distribution of wealth, as a natural division of society into two groups: the "few with much" and the "many with little."

Understanding the Cognitive Load Theory

People's ability to retain and use information to make decisions is limited, and knowing those limitations allows us to design better.

Resistance to change: we are animals of habits

Humans don't like to change. It is difficult for us to get out of our comfort zone, especially when we talk about our habits or the tools we use.